Mix Bed Plant

Mixed-bed plants are used for fine polishing of demineralized water produced in an automatic two-tank plant or a reverse osmosis plant. The plant can also produce moderate amounts of demineralized water of high quality directly from water from waterworks. The plants are also available with manual regeneration.

The mixed-bed plants are used for fine polishing in high tech water installations, e.g. the medical and electronics industries, hospitals, power stations, and for production of moderate amounts of demineralized water from waterworks. By treating demineralized water with low carbonic acid content, a condutivity of less than 0.1 µS/cm at 10°C can be achieved.

Plant description
Flow rate: Up to 50 m³/h. The plant contains a mix of cation and anion exchangers which are regenerated with hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide respectively. The control panel makes it possible to choose between time, amount, or quality control. If a continuous operation is wanted, two-tank mixed-bed plants can be controlled so that one of the tanks is always in operation.